Thursday, 7 December 2017

The Parent Agency

The Parent Agency

Author - David Baddiel

The Parent Agency is about a boy named Barry who lives with a Mum, Dad and 2 sisters he also has two good friends named Jake, Lucas and Taj. Barry hates being called Barry he wishes that his name was something like Jake or Lucas. Barry once wrote down of ten things to blame his parents about. 

One day about a week before Barry's birthday his dad came back from work and said "I've got a present for you and showed him a James Bond CD Barry had a look at it and quickly discover that it was the cheap version. Barry got angry and threw the CD at his Mum his dad sent Barry to his room, Barry raced past the dishwasher and in the process tripped over the sand from the egg timer that he broke with the CD. He the was knocked unconscious and went into a coma. From then on he started dreaming about a Parent Agency. 

At the Parent Agency he thought he recognized people such as Taj And Jake or his two sisters. The way the parent agency works is that children choose there parents. Barry looked at his list of things that he blames his parens for to help him choose. First  he tried to find rich parents. They did not work because they were to cruel. Next he chose to have famous parents but they were to selfish. In the end of five days  witch happened to be his birthday he came out of his coma to find his family and friends all there. In the end he said it was the best birthday ever.

The Adventures of Tom sawyer

The adventures of Tom Sawyer.
Author - Mark Twain 
Rating - **** out of *****
Genre - Adventure

Tom Sawyer is an old classic about a boy named Tom and his best friend Huckleberry Finn. They go on adventures together.  This is a good read for people of all ages.

Epic voyages 40 bc

Epic Voyages 

Robyn Mundy, Nigel Rigby

Epic voyages is a big book with some sailing and some other stories and expeditions in it. Like s the adventure of Sir Ernest Shackleton. It is a very interesting read, It gives you so much information about the adventure. The one I read was Ernest Shackleton's expedition. Ernest shackleton and his crew of about 28 men set of on the 1 of august 1914. They soon found out that they had rough conditions a head. one of the first big problems they came to was a big lot of thick ice. They got stuck in the Ice and basically started to live out on the Ice and they started to make kennels for the dogs out of Ice. They soon started do drift away from where they wanted to go with the flow of the Ice. They soon had to go in little boats so that they used to get out of the flow of the Ice. They were close to dead several times because of pieces of Ice that was bigger than houses. 

Term 3 week 1 Reflection

This week we have been doing persuasive writing about summer and winter. Here is my writing. 
We also did basic facts on the Chromebook here are my results. 


Boom is a book about a boy named James and a boy named Charlie. They are best friends and go to the same school. One day after school they put a recorder in the staff room because James sister had been angry at him and told him that they were going to send him to a military camp. They heard nothing about being expelled but at the end they heard that two of James teacher were talking a different language. They immediately were interested and wanted to find out more. 
Find out what happened to James and Charlie as they find out the secret of their teachers. 

Literacy week 3 Term 4 2017

This week for our numeracy we were finding out about fossils. We did a drawing about what we knew about fossils first and then we read some stuff and did another presentation on what we learnt.   This is
my KVL which shows my prior knowledge of fossils.  As you can see I didn't know much at the start.

Survivor reflection T4

This week for literacy we have started this really fun activity called survivor. What you do is you come up with a team name and you do activities like build a hut, build a stretcher to carry a team-member and other stuff like that. My teams name is Mana Kaha which means Mongrel power. Our activity was to build a tent, build a stretcher to carry a team member and the other one was to make a sling.  We were really good at hut building.