Wednesday, 5 April 2017

40 bc reflection

Title - Diary of a track and field titan 
Author - Shamini Flint
Illustrator - Sally Hienrich
Rating - ✡✡✡✡ out of five. 
Summary - 
Diary of a track and field titan is a book about a maths whiz named Marcus Atkinson. He is no good at sport but he has a dad that is a self help author and believes Marcus has magic in his muscles and would be great at track and field. Read this book to see what he gets up to in track and field. 


  1. Good one Franklin, another book done! You really are steaming ahead. You like a funny read don't you? Why do you find this series funny?

  2. Kia Ora Franklin. Great work on your book review, it sounds like a funny book.You have good information in it and it is a good post. Why do you like this book series? Why do you rate it a 4/5? Poroporoaki (goodbye) Alex.

  3. Hey Franklin its Kaleb here, well done this is a great 40BC reflection. What is your favorite book of the series??? How Many of 40BC reflections have you done this year??? This reminds me of when I read some of these books. If you want to see some of my 40BC reflections.

  4. Hi Franklin, you are doing well with your 40BC posts. I like the way you have finished your review with a hook to encourage other readers to try this book. Maybe next time you could branch out and read some different types of books. Have you read any books based on true stories? Mrs P


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